News flash:

It is official, Young Professionals of Amherst and Northampton Area Young Professionals are merging!  We are extremely excited for this landmark achievement.

A little background; throughout 2019, we have co-hosted events with the Northampton Area Young Professionals group with the intent to increase our members ability to connect.  We feel a more encompassing network would be beneficial to not only our members but our sponsors and partners as well.

Effective January 2020, a new, regional group will emerge!  And to kick off this exciting evolution, we will be hosting our very first Black Tie Masquerade on January 24.  Event details below!  As always, if you have additional questions, please contact!

 Upcoming Events:

January 2020


Friday, January 24th
Union Station, 125 Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA
Doors open at 7:00pm

A new group will emerge in 2020 and we invite you to celebrate this momentous milestone with us at our very first Black Tie Masquerade.  Cocktails, fantastic food and better company await!

Tickets will be $40 which include entry, a drink token, fare, entry into our masquerade contest AND your 2020 membership!

You can RSVP here!  If you have additional questions, please contact


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